Sunday, 5 November 2017

Hidden in the Mist

For ten minutes she stood there, silent and unmoving. A lot of kids have tried and failed at making any sort of conversation with her. I watched her from far away, always making sure I kept my distance from her. It seemed like I was the only one in the room with some sense of self preservation. I’m not really sure what was the thing that made me feel that way about her, what was the thing that scared me the most. If it was the way she was standing there, looking like a statue or if it was what her eyes were hiding. They scanned the room, never focusing on anything or anyone for more than couple of seconds before moving on. That is until they stopped on me. They were dark, almost black and it felt that with this one look she stripped me bare and saw everything about me. My secrets, dreams and biggest hopes all seemed to belong to her now. And as I thought that her eyes are the scariest thing about her, she did something even more terrifying.

She smiled.

By Patrycja Gajewska