Monday, 18 September 2017


It's a feeling of walking into an empty room, 
and having people stare.
It's the burn on a pan that
never washes.
Imprinting itself permanently on your heart. 

It may fade, like that of autumn leaves may
but just like such leaves,
it returns.

Stronger with a burning desire
a hot body filled with hate and determination
to silently wreck your soul.

All without a single word. 
Yet it's your words it fears, 
the stern 'no', 
the varieties of telling it no, profanities, singular words and clustered sentences meaning the same thing.

You have this, not it. 

You own your mind, not it. 

Everyone faces anxiety at some point in their life, some people more than others and that's ok! There are multiple ways on asking for help or coping methods and the most accessible being your PT or asking your friends. You can get further help from not only with anxiety but various other issues you may be facing as a young person. 
Anxiety is a common thing and 41.6% of students have issues with it: along with 36.4% struggling with depression and 35.8% of students struggling with relationship issues. ​

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Don't feel as though you're excluded from your rights as a student.

Know you aren't alone and can do this; no one has died from anxiety you are ok, it isn't a problem to just look over and there is plenty of confidential help in and around college to help support you! 

By Tarni Barclay